Saint Asaph - Wikipedia

The biographer of St. Kentigern (Cyndeyrn) states that when he founded a monastic settlement on the banks of the river Elwy one of his favourite pupils was a nobly-born boy named Asaph. The biography includes a story which underlines Asaph’s obedience to his spiritual master. When Kentigern was recalled to Strathclyde to become Bishop of Glasgow, Asaph was unanimously appointed Bishop of Llanelwy (later know as St Asaph in English). He remained there for the resat of his life and wa buried there. The cluster of names connected with Asaph in northern Flintshire (Llanasa, Pantasa, and Ffynnon Asa) suggest that this may have been his native area.

Almighty and everliving God,
who called Asaph to be a Bishop in your Church
and to proclaim the gospel to the nation:
give us, your servants,
such faith and power of love,
that, as we rejoice in his triumph,
we may profit by his example;
through Jesus Christ our Lord,
whom by the power of the spirit
you raised to live with you,
his God and Father,
for ever and ever.