Sometimes the formal liturgy of the church can speak on our behalf when we can’t find the words for our own prayers. This prayer from the New Zealand prayer book seemed to be one of those prayers for a moment such as this. It reminds us powerfully that as Christians we believe in a God who heals. Healing can be encountered in many ways sometimes it can be through the miraculous power of God breaking through into our world. The Gospels, Church history and faith communities in the present time have records of such powerful interventions. We cannot explain how or why God works in this way but we need to be open to such events. We also believe that God has gifted men and women to be practitioners of medicine to bring physical healing to us at our times of need. However healing is more than the simple physical restoration of health or recovery from physical ailments. Healing in its truest sense is the restoration of a relationship with God. Peter in the book of Acts reminded his hearers of this fact when he said: ‘Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be healed’ Acts 4:12.Often this is translated as ‘saved’ but the Greek word used for saved can equally mean healed or ‘fully restored’. Whilst physical healing is real and possible, as Christians we believe in the restoring power of God to heal us at the very heart of our being, at the level of our soul, our very essence and being. We may or may not not see physical healing in this world but we have the offer of the free gift of eternal life by the grace of God. It is the resurrection power of God at work in Jesus that makes this possible.Let us pray today for those working to find a cure to COVID19 and for those bringing healing and wholeness through medicine. Pray too for clergy and Christian ministers who offer healing for the soul through the proclamation of the Gospel and prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus, our Redeemer,
give us your power to reveal
and proclaim the good news.
so that wherever we may go,
the sick may be healed,
lepers embraced,
and the dead and dying
given new life.