Wednesday 6th May
I have been struck over the last few days how calling and vocation are being promoted by the Church of England in particular. Across our churches it is easy to think that vocation and calling is only for a few special people! We often talk about Doctors, Clergy and Teachers having a calling or vocation. However this is not how the bible understands vocation and calling.
In fact whilst the New Testament celebrates the gifts of those who lead the church it is quick to remind us that we all have a calling and vocation as Christians. Paul in writing to the Church in corinth was very quick to tell them and us that we are a body and every part is as important as another and no part more critical than another. Our gifts and callings are complimentary and of equal value in God’s economy, lay or ordained we all have a part to play. Regardless of our normal roles during this virus lockdown there is one thing we can all do and that is pray.
So today let us pray for our shop assistants, care workers, fruit and vegetable pickers and street cleaners as well as doctors, nurses, teachers and church leaders. Also let us model what we believe that all are equal in the eyes of a God. We are called to serve our neighbours and communities whatever our role or status.

Almighty God,
by your grace alone
we are accepted and called to your service;
strengthen us by your Holy Spirit,
and empower our calling;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.