Saturday 2nd May
Prayer can be exhilarating and frustrating! Sometimes our prayers simply flow and we seem to know exactly what to say and God seems to just hear and answer our prayers. On other occasions words fail us and we cannot seem to find the words to speak to God about what is on our hearts. Sometimes it is our circumstances that seem to get in the way of our listening to God and for many in this present crisis prayer can seem the thing we least want to do. Prayer however is sometimes hard work and Jesus disciples discovered this when they were sent out to minister God’s love and healing. They did all the right things but Jesus tells them that sometimes fasting as well as prayer is required.
However we do not believe in a ‘name it and claim it’ type of prayer or a slot machine approach when we simply put our prayers to God and expect him to to do what we want! Instead our prayer needs to be rooted in a relationship with a God where we listen as much as we speak. Elijah learnt that God speaks in whispers not in the fireworks of earthquake, wind and fire! At this time let us not cease from prayer (and fasting if you feel able to or are well enough to) and let us bring before God the needs of our communities and our world. Today let us pray for those who deliver our post, collect our rubbish and keep our electricity and gas supply running. Also pray for those who being treated in hospital for the effects of the Coronavirus and those who are recovering.

Give us courage to hope,
and to risk disappointment.
Teach us to pray expectantly,
and when our prayers seem to fail,
bring us to prayer again;
fir you are our God,
who acts and will act again.