Friday 1st May
Within leadership circles there has been a lot of recent thinking about ‘servant leadership’ and if you listen to the Ted Talks and read the literature you might think this is an entirely new concept. In fact there is little new about servant hearted leadership and Jesus himself offered us that model in his own life and ministry. As Christians we are called to serve one another and our service towards our neighbour is a signpost of God’s kingdom. Service has and always will be a gospel value after all it was Jesus himself who commanded us to love God with all our heart and our neighbour as ourselves. In the present crisis it has been the small acts of service and selflessness which have continued to be an encouragement. Many have observed that society appears kinder now than before the lockdown. Many people have offered themselves as volunteers to help out within their communities and support there neighbours who are shielding, housebound or recovering from the virus.
As we pray today let us pray for those in our communities who have volunteered to help others and let us pray for their safety as they collect shopping and prescriptions, work in food banks, deliver food parcels to those returned from hospital and the myriad other small acts of kindness. Pray to for our local councils who coordinate much of this effort and for our community groups who have worked at a local level to ensure volunteers are put to good use.

Servant God
grant us opportunity,
give us willingness,
to serve you day by day;
that what we do,
and how we bear each others burdens,
may be our sacrifice to you.